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Frequently Asked Questions for CMG Access


1.“Is it really free?”, “How much does it cost?”, “Will I be charged when I become a member or register?”.

a.The site is absolutely free to any business registered in the U.S. and Canada.

2.How do I get help if I need it?

a.There are several ways to get help whether you need access to specific templates or need help downloading documents into the site.  Join one of our monthly webinars to learn more/scroll through the interactive videos/Contact “Planning Support” at 800-503-1037

3.How do I download my own documents into the portal?

a.Members are allowed to store documents within the “Planning Tool” tabs.  You can drag and drop your documents into a folder or browse your existing folders and documents for easy storage. 

4.Can I customize the look and feel of the portal?

a.Yes you can.  Customization is available to all members.  Our team of experts can work with you to make the portal feel and look the way you need it to  Please contact the Planning Support line at 800-503-1037 (*additional charges may apply). 

5.Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

a.Yes you can.  Simply log in and go the “Subscriptions” tab in the Navigation bar and hit the “Manage” link and then hit cancel.

6.Who was CMG Access designed for and who should use it?

a.CMG Access was designed with every business in mind both large and small.  Whether you already have a plan or just getting started CMG Access is a great way to compliment your current process and procedures or develop some.  It gives your plan a place to live, breathe and grow.  Through CMG Access, organizations may store, view and update their pertinent recovery-planning information.  Creating and maintaining a plan has never been easier.  Built for every sized company in every industry.

7.What do I do next after building and documenting my “Executable Plan”?

a.Your next step is to focus on the necessary resources and assets you will need to make your plan actionable.  The “Planning Support” team at CMG Access are happy to help you find the right service providers or understand your internal options of recovering your business.

8.Why is it important to have a “Executable Plan”?

a.Decreases down time during an invent

b.Will help you survive during a large interruption

c.Helps your clients feel more secure about doing business with you and more and more companies are now requested your contingency plan.

d.Gives you a competitive advantage over the competition

e.Ensures the longevity of the business.

f.Mitigates risks

g.Good Practice

h.Because having “Insurance” will never be enough

i.Why not!

9.Is the Alert Notification system FREE?

a.Yes it is free to any company who registers and set up an account.

b.It does have some limitation that can be added such as “Talk to text”.

c.We chose MessageMedia as the provider for this service because of their robust system and ease of use.

d.We recommend all companies to at least test it once a year to ensure your familiar with the system and the messages are being received.

e.With the push of a button you can send mass emails or texts to any list you have loaded into the system.